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America Holds The Largest Aircraft Industry - 1291 Words

orporate Aircraft in America America holds the largest Aircraft industry in the world. The industry greatly depends on the advancement of the technology for its growth. The industry on the hand has the largest aircraft manufacturing sector around the globe. The development of the industry has prompted American firms to be the most successful in the world. These companies are the leading suppliers of both armed and public aerospace hardware across the globe. However, non-American companies are determined to control the world market and are gradually challenging the dominance of the American Companies. There is no other sector in the United States that gives the largest net income through export than the Corporate Aircraft in America (Belobaba, Odoni and Barnhart, 2009). In 2014, it was estimated that the industry exported about $72.1 billion. The export was up by 10% as compared to what the industry had imported in 2013. Nevertheless, in 2012, the U.S. aircraft industry gave approximately $118.5 billion in overseeing sales to the U.S. economy. According to a recently conducted research by the United State Department of Commerce, the industry export creates the largest job opportunities more than any other commodity export. The industry directly creates about 500,000 jobs in scientific and technical across the United States. Also, the industry employs more than 700,000 workers in aircraft related jobs. Overseas sales of general aircraft, engines, and other related machineryShow MoreRelatedAmerica Holds The Largest Aircraft Industry1287 Words   |  6 PagesAmerica holds the largest Aircraft industry in the world. The industry greatly depends on the advancement of the technology for its growth. The industry on the hand has the largest aircraft manufacturing sector around the globe. The development of the industry has prompted American firms to be the most successful in the world. These companies are the leading suppliers of both armed and public aerospace hardware across the globe. However, non-American companies are determined to control the worldRead MoreBrazil Essay1358 Words   |  6 PagesLearning Team Project Phrase III Industry:- Economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories. (A) Major Industry That Empowered Country’s Foreign Trade Brazil has the third-biggest production zone inside the Americas. Accounting for 28.5 percentage of GDP, Brazils industries includes cars, steel and petrochemicals to computers, aircraft, and consumer durables. With acceleratedRead MoreStrengths And Weaknesses Of Boeing1541 Words   |  7 Pagescontrol these. Strengths Over the years Boeing has always held a strong presence in the domestic and international market. Boeing is the second largest Department of Defense contractor. This means that they will most likely always have ongoing business. Boeing also holds many commercial airliners such as the 717,737,747,757,767, and 777 aircraft. Each one meets a variety of customer needs throughout the world. Boeing also maintains a strong relationship with its customers. This allows them toRead MoreUPS: Making Air Package Deliveries Essay978 Words   |  4 Pagesgain the air carrier certificate. With 60 aircraft in the fleet of IPX by 1987, it was becoming difficult to manage with all the different contract carriers and aircraft. UPS announced it would be taking over all air operations in 1988 and using the IPX certificate as the basis for UPS airlines. UPS Airlines started on January 28th 1988. Ten months after receiving the operating certificate from the FAA, UPS Airlines had grown to an operation of 94 aircraft. UPS airline was the fastest growing airlineRead MoreBoeing s Product Is Planes Essay1597 Words   |  7 PagesBoeing’s product is aircrafts. These aircrafts include commercial airplanes freight airplanes, and Boeing Business Jets (BBJ). All of Boeing’s aircrafts stem from their five jet families: 737, 747, 767, 777, 787 (Boeing, 2016). Each family differs in size, engine, build, range, and capacity in order to meet the needs of all Boeing customers. The commercial section of Boeing aircraft focuses on mass transit of passengers and has a jet from each of the five families offered (Boeing, 2016). The commercialRead MoreHow Is the Economic Downturn Affecting the Airline Industry?969 Words   |  4 PagesEXECUTIVE SUMMARY ï  ¶ Stagflation in US economy threatens outlook for the airline industry profitability. US airlines forecasting Q108 losses citing high fuel costs and a potential economic slowdown. ï  ¶ Other regions of the world will expand such as Asia, Middle East and Latin America. ï  ¶ Slowdown has already affected some US small-mid cap carriers with the recent onslaught of bankruptcies. ï  ¶ US majors are better armed to combating the effects of the sharp increase in jet fuel. Cost reductionRead MoreHoward Hughes and the Flight of the Spruce Goose742 Words   |  3 Pages 1905. Hughes was very creative and ingenious, but an individualistic and private person. As a kid, he spent his time drawing automobiles, trains, planes, and boats. His father, Howard Senior, invented a new type of drill bit for the booming oil industry. The Sharp and Hughes Company was created, and quickly expanded in Texas, California, and other states. His mother, Allene, isolated Hughes from the real world with her relentless fears of germs, disease, and death. At the age of fourteen, HughesRead MoreChile : A Growing Economy717 Words   |  3 Pagesway. The state has also recently became more involved with regional trade as it wishes to become a bigger presence in South America (Ibanez, Garcia). The state is also hoping to become an important economic state internationally, which is why its market score is currently 78.5 (The Heritage Foundation). It is currently one of the Top 10 free economic leaders; as the state hold the 7th spot for the most free economy (The Heritage Foundation). Chile’s major exports are: Copper (Refined, Raw, andRead MoreWestjet Swot Analysis Essay1048 Words   |  5 Pagesheadquartered in Calgary, Alberta. WestJet is Canada’s second largest airline with high per cent of the domestic market. It provides scheduled and charter air service to 86 destinations in Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. WestJet operates an average of 425 flights and carrying over 45,000 passengers per day. In 2012, WestJet carried 17,453,352 passengers, making it the ninth-largest airline in North America by passengers carried.One of WestJet’s main values is to beRead MoreThreat Of Substitutes : Low For Australian Domestic Airline946 Words   |  4 Pagesremoved from either Qantas or Virgin. Bargain power of Suppliers: Multiple suppliers to the airline industry They are the aircraft manufacturers, the catering companies who supply the food and drink for the flights, the petrol companies and finally the airport themselves. When looking the aircraft manufacturers (Boeing and Airbus), the bargaining power is low. This is due to the airline industry being the only major source of income for these companies. This is also a costly product to both manufacture

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Compare And Contrast Buddhism And Christianity - 1729 Words

Compassion is basically considered to be one of the most virtues in almost all religious traditions such as Buddhism and Christianity. Buddhism and Christianity are two different religions but both of them are interrelated. Both religions have hope of life after death, hope of reincarnation of Buddhists, eternal life of Christians, but live consciously. Both Buddhism and Christianity were founded by spiritual leaders and masters who tried to prove a way of salvation. Based on religious writings, this paper explores the way Buddhism and Christianity are different and in what ways they similar from the point of salvation, life after death, and love. According to the Buddha, it is possible for one who accepts and obeys four noble truth†¦show more content†¦Their goal is to end this cycle by achieving Nirvana. Nirvana is the state of existence realized by eliminating desire. Nirvana comes at two moments, awakening and enlightenment, and in the Paris Bilbana, when the person s fi re finally flickers (final death). The way to Nirvana is divided into eight categories of fields to avoid bad karma, leading to the regeneration of dangerous difficult forms. If a person has the intention to expand their service for the benefit of others, the correct action will be executed automatically. However, in order to extend the feelings of these affection and kindness to others, we must start from among them first. This means that according to the doctrine of Buddhism, people can increase this kindness to someone only by making our own body affectionate. Even if you love yourself, no one will harm others. Therefore, only by creating a room for love for themselves, people can share or have the same feelings for others. Metta in Buddhism is traditionally established as one of the four related qualities called Divine Abidings. Love (Metta) and the other three: compassion (Karuna), joy (Mudita) and equality (Upekkha), make up these Divine Illimitables. These can be understood i n two extreme aspects of Buddhism. The next level is the joy of love and compassion that our love for others has evolved into empathy, sympathy and pity that then result into Love – Kindness. This condition will be perfect when aShow MoreRelatedCompare And Contrast Christianity And Buddhism1265 Words   |  6 PagesChristianity, the religion that originated by their savior Jesus Christ, died for the salvation of all humanity. Buddhism, the religion that was founded by Siddhartha Gautama, was a privileged man that gave up worldly possessions and material wealth to reach a state of Enlightenment. These two religions are followed by millions of people to this day. Although very different, they do share some similarities with each other, as well as having their own unique characteristics that continue to bringRead MoreCompare and Contrast Buddhism and Christianity1311 Words   |  6 Pagesafterlife, and then further developed into tribal religions, which evolved into ancestral worship, then to polytheism, and lastly into monotheism. Monotheism in the form of Christianity is the largest religion of the modern world, and it has similar beliefs to other world religions such as Buddhism. Christianity and Buddhism are similar because both religions teach about the equality of people and that making good choices reflects the positive teachings of that religion. They are also similar inRead MoreAP World History Compare and Contrast: The Spread of Christianity and Buddhism in the End of the Classical Period.909 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Compare and Contrast: The Spread of Christianity and Buddhism in the End of the Classical Period. World History AP Christianity and Buddhism are two different religions that developed and spread contemporaneously in during the Classical Period different territories. Both of them share some similarities as well as differences. Both of these religions were founded based upon different principles taught by different people; in Buddhism’s case Gautama Buddha a thinker and in Christianity’sRead MoreChristianity vs Buddhism923 Words   |  4 Pagesreligions do—they all contain truths,† said by Muhammad Ali. Religion is the belief and reverence for a supernatural power and powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe (2003). The religions I’ve chose to compare and contrast would be non denomination/ Christianity and Buddhism. Each religion would be broken down by their religious belief, religious ritual, and religious experience. The definition of these religious things are: religious belief is a statement to which members of a particularRead MoreSimilaritie s Between Buddhism and Christianity814 Words   |  4 Pagesdetrimental influences of cultural globalization. It is generally acknowledged that Buddhism and Christianity are ancient and global religions; however, whether the belief in Buddhism is credible or not, has sparked spirited debate. The Christian believes the Buddha is a â€Å"shadow†, and he is not to be believed. Actually, there are some similarities in terms of histories, main figures, and beliefs between Buddhism and Christianity. In order to solve sources of conflict, the Buddhists and the Christians shouldRead MoreSimilarities Between Christianity And Buddhism807 Words   |  4 Pagesaspect its best to compare religions to determine which views are acceptable and which ones are not suitable by specific preferences. The following is a comparison between Christianity and Buddhism. Buddhism and Christianity are both religions that have a substantial history and millions of dedicated followers throughout the world. In some ways, the two religions are similar, being based largely on the teachings of a single man; Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha in the case of Buddhism, and The Lord JesusRead MoreCompare and Contrast Judaism and Buddhism Essay647 Words   |  3 PagesCompare and Contrast Judaism and Buddhism One of the most early religions are Judaism and Buddhism. Both Judaism and Buddhism have lots of differences beliefs and practices and only few similarities. Judaism was started in 2000 B.C.E, led by Abraham. Buddhism was started in 560 B.C.E, by Siddhartha Gautama. Both religions have different point of view. Buddhism don’t believe in deity and Judaism believe in deity. Buddhism are just followers of Gautama and Judaism believe in Yahweh (the GodRead MoreWorld Religions: Comparative Discussions1010 Words   |  4 PagesWorld Religions: Comparative Discussions 1.Compare and contrast Hinduism and Buddhism on the question of atman. What does each tradition have to say about whether a human being has an individual soul? What is the significance of this soul (or lack thereof) in each tradition? The concept of the self is critical to a great many religious traditions. Understanding ones own individual position within the context of the universe helps to drive ones relationship to the divine, to the pedestrian andRead MoreJesus The Christ And Gautama The Buddha1400 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Christ and Gautama the Buddha In this paper, I want to compare and contrast Buddha and Christ, the two personalities that have significantly influenced human history: one of the eastern hemisphere and the other the western hemisphere of earth. Both Buddha and the Christ have millions of followers. Not only are their teachings of huge interest separately, but also is there growing interest in how they relate to each other. In Christianity, there is an all-loving, all-power God. He designed a worldRead MoreHealth Care Provider And Faith Diversity1530 Words   |  7 Pageshigher power remains the same. Furthermore, being able to compare two prevalent cultures such as Christianity and Buddhism, shows that faith is prevent along with the rituals that go along with them. However, for many, taking care of someone with a different religious preference can be difficult at times, the basic underlying concepts of health, healing, and kindness remain the same. This paper will address the different worldview questions, compare the different beliefs, spiritual perspectives, critical

Rousseau’s Theory of Education Free Essays

Rousseau lobbies against an educational system that tries to teach children concepts and facts before such time, as they would make use of them. He believes that a child should not neglect those studies, which meet his present needs, in order to learn that which he may acquire in later years. He claims that experience and emotion are our real teachers, thereby reinforcing the theory that a child should not be educated in matters which are not pertinent to their current station in life. We will write a custom essay sample on Rousseau’s Theory of Education or any similar topic only for you Order Now He contends that a child should â€Å"remain in complete ignorance of those ideas which are beyond his grasp† (p686). In essence, Rousseau argues that the healthy spontaneous impulses of children were being repressed by the adult demands for emotional restraint, intellectual precision and social conformity as abdicated by the social and educational practices of his time. Rousseau constructs a theory of education, starting with the influence of the child’s natural environment, which should prevail over the influence of society and social institutions. Rousseau advocates allowing children to grow and develop naturally, in direct opposition to the prevailing methods of teaching. Children should be encouraged to develop their faculties through experience. This forms the basis for his fundamental principle of education. Rousseau argues that to be of use to a child, a concept must be relevant to his age. Rousseau promotes involving the student in hands-on learning experiences, as opposed to the more traditional methods of instruction. Children pay little heed to verbal explanation, nor do they remember them in his opinion. He stresses the importance of discovery as a learning tool. Ideas that seem difficult at the onset become less daunting when introduced using a hands-on approach. Simply stated, he proposes to teach his pupil through â€Å"doing†, using words only as a final recourse. I don†t think Rousseau†s plan appealed to the peasants and urban workers in the 18th century. These people were hard workers who would have their children working to feed the family rather than wandering about the countryside learning. If their children had to be schooled, they most likely would have preferred they were subjected to the discipline provided by formal schools in towns and villages which were beginning to appear. Not only did these schools provide a more Christianity based education but kept the children busy and out of the parents way. The people of this time were very focused on discipline and control of their children, allowing the child to explore and learn on their own was the opposite of traditional treatment of children at this time. â€Å"Spare the rod and spoil the child† was a catch phrase of the 18th century and was taken quite literally. Any indications of an independent nature in a child were beaten out them and asking questions was often viewed as a challenge to authority and children were expected to accept all knowledge provided them on faith which was again the opposite of Rousseau†s plan. Since Rousseau†s plan was focused on education based on scientific principles it would go against many of their hardened Christian beliefs about how the world worked. The enlightenment may have been a big influence to Rousseau, but the peasants and urban workers of the 18th century were not particularly interested. For Rousseau to be properly understood we must examine his revolutionary ideas in terms of his relationship to the 18th century enlightenment. During this time a great premium was placed on the discovery of truth through the observation of nature, rather than through the study of authoritative sources, such as Aristotle and the Bible. Rousseau shared the enlightened view that society had perverted natural man, the â€Å"noble savage† who lived harmoniously with nature, free from selfish want, possessiveness and jealousy. One main feature of the enlightenment was that nothing was accepted on faith or face value and he expected no less from his students, he would demonstrate his teachings and not expect them to accept just a verbal description. Rousseau stressed that feeling and sentiment were two very important factors in the motivation of humankind. He emphasizes the need to live and develop in conformity with Nature. The child must be raised in a rural rather than an urban environment, so that he may develop in continuity with nature rather than in opposition to it. A child†s character will mature in harmony with nature if that child†s natural curiosity is allowed to develop unhindered by the corruption of society. All of Rousseau†s educational theories had roots in the enlightenment of the 18th century. How to cite Rousseau’s Theory of Education, Papers

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Ryanair Economic Analysis Essay Example

Ryanair Economic Analysis Paper Data for passengers on route to London Source: CA airline/airport statistics The numbers of passengers traveling by LLC airlines are also increasing ever since its entrants as shown in the statistics below: Total annual alarm passenger movements In 1 Source: Commission for Integrated Transport The LLC market is an oligopoly market as there are 3 major airlines which dominate approximately 70% of the market. The products are homogeneous, which is low cost IR travel though there are slight differentiation in terms of customer service, travel destinations and flexibility of travel times. The firms within the market engage in price wars where they cut prices to grab a larger market share. The firms maintain their customers loyalty by offering the low air fares and brand themselves through advertising. Some customers may stick to an airline provider for some reasons such as convenience, flexibility and brand loyalty. Therefore, when another firm sells at a higher price, it doesnt mean that the customer will switch airlines. However, it also isnt mean that the customers wont switch because are no restrictions or switching costs involved. A factor which may cause customers to switch is when the price difference is too high to tolerate. In this market there is a significant barrier to entry because of the high set up cost. It is also difficult to penetrate the market because of the 3 major firms which accounts for a huge market share. The LLC market also shows some characteristics of monopolistic competition because of there are many other LLC airlines. There are also no legal barriers to entry because there are legal restrictions to enter the market. We will write a custom essay sample on Ryanair Economic Analysis specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Ryanair Economic Analysis specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Ryanair Economic Analysis specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Moreover, the governments show that they want to encourage competition in this industry when the Irish government rejected a takeover of Are Lingua by Ryan in 2009 (Reuters). Conduct Ryan conducts its business by cutting costs and lowering air fare prices. The company cuts cost through many ways such as using secondary airports, reducing the weight of their airplanes, reducing staff costs, removing bookings through travel agents and removing in-flight meals. The company commits to the basic service to their customer which is flying them from one place to another without delays. Any ore than that, the customers will be charged. Ryan charges the customers for various things such as in-flight meals, payment handling fees, wheelchair usage and online check-in (BBC 2009). The company also charges their staffs for training and interview sessions to reduce staff costs (Creator 2005). Since Ryan aims to provide the lowest air fare prices, they maximize airplanes capacity by removing business class and first class space. There are no pricing agreements arranged between other LLC operators, therefore, the prices of tickets varies. Non-price competition also exists in the LLC market. Ryan commits to provide customer service and flight punctuality. Performance The revenue of Ryan has been increasing from financial year 2000 to 2009. Although the revenue has been increasing, the company made a net loss of ?169 million in the financial year 2009. This was due to an increase in oil prices and has increased the operating expenses. The fuel bill rose by 59% as compared to the Atlanta year 2 Source: Orbits 200,000 E-Resource for Company Information Besides that, the number of passengers carried has also increased since financial year 2001 as shown in the graph below.

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Exercise in Revising Descriptive Sentences

Exercise in Revising Descriptive Sentences This revision exercise will give you practice in writing with specific descriptive details. Instructions Heres the opening sentence from a students report on what she saw one afternoon on a city street: One brisk afternoon in late September, I took a walk down Prospect Street. What follows are six sentences from the students first draft. Revise each of these sentences according to the suggestions. If you think one of your new sentences is too long, break it up into two or three shorter sentences. Of course, theres no single set of correct answers to this exercise. Rely on your imagination to create details that are precise and vivid. Prospect Street Music thudded out of the shop and mingled with some of the other noises of the city. Identify the kind of music that thudded out of the shop, name the shop, and give specific examples of the other noises of the city. Garbage danced along the sidewalk and lay crushed against the curb. For the word garbage, substitute specific examples of litter. A woman reading a book was sitting there. Briefly describe the woman, identify the book she was reading, and specify where she was sitting. Steam blew out of the air vents of a restaurant, carrying with it various smells. Name the restaurant, and identify some of the smells coming out of it. An old man was talking to Annie, even though he was walking by himself. Describe the old man in more detail. A red-faced man was pleading with a traffic cop as the cop was doing something. What was the cop doing? The answers to this exercise are limited only by your imagination. Example Rewritten Descriptive Sentences Electro-pop  thudded out of Shikis Fashions and mingled with the noise of growling engines, pneumatic drills, and people gossiping, arguing, and bargaining on the busy street.Garbage danced along the sidewalk and lay crushed against the curb: cellophane chip bags, crumpled cigarette packs, wine bottles, empty soda cans, and yellow foam boxes from a burger joint.A shrunken woman, with ragged hair bobby-pinned to her skull, was sitting on the curb, moving her lips as she read a romance novel.Steam blew out of the air vents at Dwights Diner, carrying with it smells of coffee, chili, and chicken noodle soup.An old man with a scraggly beard was arguing loudly with a woman he called Annie, even though he was walking by himself.A red-faced man was pleading with a traffic cop, who was calmly filling out a jaywalking ticket.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Slime

Frequently Asked Questions About Slime Making homemade slime is a fun and easy science project and activity for kids. However, there are lots of different types of slime, so you may be unsure which ingredients to use, how to color your slime, whether you can make substitutions for chemicals, and so on. Look at some of the most common questions and answers about slime. How Do I Make Translucent or Opaque Slime? Basically, your slime will be about as transparent as the glue you use to make it. If you use white school glue, then your slime will be opaque. If you use translucent clear or blue glue gel (or another see-through color), then your slime will be translucent.  Slime made using soluble fiber will be in-between, meaning you can still see through it but it might not be completely translucent. Can I Mix Slime Solutions in Advance? Yes, you can prepare the borax solution and glue solution days or weeks before actually making the slime.  Borax is a natural disinfectant, so you dont need to worry about it going bad or getting moldy. My Slime Has Leftover Liquid. Did I Mix It Wrong? No, your slime is fine. When you mix ingredients, only a certain amount of water is needed to produce the polymer, and excess stays behind in the bowl. Its fine to simply throw it out. Are Borax and Boric Acid Interchangeable? Borax and boric acid are not the same chemical. Borax [Na2B4O7 ·10H2O or Na2[B4O5(OH)4] ·8H2] is a salt of boric acid [B(OH)3]. When you dissolve borax in water, it forms boric acid and also the borate ion. If you have boric acid instead of borax, it can be used for slime, but the recipe is somewhat different. Either dissolve the boric acid in water (if its a powder) or else use buffered saline solution. Mix the liquid with white school glue and a bit of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). You can color the slime if you like. This slime will be less gooey and more stretchy, or putty-like, than borax slime. Can I Make Slime Without Borax or Boric Acid? There are many recipes for slime that dont require borax or boric acid. However, be aware some products do contain this chemical (such as saline solution and some detergents). Not all of the borax-free slime recipes listed online are really borax-free, but  there are some good  recipes that dont contain chemicals. How Do I Color Slime? If your glue is tinted, then your slime will be colored. You can mix food coloring in with either slime-making solution. You can also add glitter or other decorations.  You can also mix in glow powder for glowing slime, thermochromic pigment for color-change slime, or iron oxide for magnetic slime. How Long Does Slime Last? Slime doesnt go bad, but you may want to toss it if it develops mold or if it dries out. Refrigerated slime, kept in a baggie, should last for a couple of weeks  and can last months in a sealed bag unrefrigerated. If slime contains borax, it shouldnt spoil at all.  Edible slime recipes should be chilled for storage and thrown out.

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Public Relation Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Public Relation Plan - Assignment Example By November 2005 it had 443 supermarkets and 287 convenience stores. For decades this chain of stores was number one in the UK market. It lost its position against TESCO in 1995. It reached to third position behind Wal-Mart owned ASDA in 2003. The reasons for this were better strategies adopted by the other two companies than Sainsbury, leadership and customer satisfaction. In today's scenario one's daily life is full of examples of services. When one think about service, service marketing triangle or rather pyramid comes to his mind, which has following components in it. The first part of the paper covers the situation analysis for Sainsbury. It includes competitor analysis and SWOT analysis. These two factors are important for any marketing, media or publicity decisions. This self-analysis and market analysis gives an opportunity to list all the factors important for the organisation. A good analysis throws light on various issues and topics, which can be utilised successfully for the publicity purpose. The next section deals with the target public section. This group deals with the fraternity group towards which the publicity plan will be targeted. According to this target group the publicity plan will have message, mode and timing of communication. Client strategy includes the message, objectives and other details of publicity plan. At the end the budget related to the publicity plan would be discussed. II. Situation Analysis Sainsbury has faced various marketing conditions. One time leader had reached to third position in the market. Any strategy to make a new brand is easier as compared to re-establishing any brand. The media group has not been favourable for Sainsbury till 2005. This is a strong influencer for all readers and audience. The current favourable scenario from the media group is one of the good signs for Sainsbury. Sainsbury can in cash this opportunity along with other strategies. II.i. Competitor Analysis As per the news on Guardian appeared on March 2006, the big four - TESCO, ASDA, Sainsbury's and Morrisons account for nearly 75% of the 95bn UK grocery market. The main competitors for Sainsbury are TESCO and ASDA. These two chains of stores are leading Sainsbury. TESCO TESCO has more than 30% market share of UK grocery market. It is more than double of its nearest competitor ASDA.TESCO is market leader in UK.240, 000 people are working for TESCO. "Tesco now has 100 Extra hypermarkets, 446 superstores, 160 Metro stores, 546 Express neighbourhood stores, and "over 500 other fascia-ed stores not judged worthy of the Tesco name but that still bring in